Vanilla Sex Is Not Boring and You Should Not Be Ashamed of It

When you’ve been a part of the BDSM community for so long, it’s natural you’ll want to take a break. That kind of lifestyle isn’t fit for everyone. Or not everyone can keep up with it for a long time, that is.

Here’s why you should try vanilla sex and feel absolutely no shame about it.

What Is Vanilla Sex?

The concept of vanilla sex is used to shame people nowadays. It seems that you have to be kinky to a certain level. Otherwise, people start pointing fingers. Don’t listen to what they’re saying. We all enjoy some vanilla sex behind closed doors.

Vanilla sex is just “normal” sex that doesn’t include any BDSM behavior, for those unfamiliar with the term. But we’re not just talking about doing it missionary until orgasm or switching positions one or two times. It’s, in short, any kind of sex non-BDSM lovers practice.

We …

Elevating Your Vacbed Sex Experience

Vacbeds have become a popular trend in BDSM, and many newbies/pros are looking to try them. But what is vacbed sex, and why is it so unique? What is breathplay in vacbed sex, and are there some other wild kinks you can try if you’re considering a new vacuum bed? Check out this guide on elevating your vacbed sex experience! 

Adding More Spice to the Vacbed Sex Experience 

While getting sucked into a vacuum bed is already a unique experience on its own, you can pair it with tons of perverted BDSM activities that can fulfill your darkest fantasies and desires! First, you need to get familiar with the right safety practices of this kink. It may look effortless in porn videos, but it’s actually quite risky. 

Typically, kinksters love vacuum beds due to their glossy look. Once inside, a submissive can become fully paralyzed. They can resemble a packed

The high-quality fashion of fox tails

If you happen to like some dressing up and are an anal play enthusiast, fox tail butt plugs may be an all-in-one solution for a sexy session. These amazing toys offer many ways to get naughty, and kink fans are going crazy about them.

Pet play is gaining popularity as it brings a new aspect to the domination/submission game. The slaves become pets that can be properly rewarded if they behave, while the masters can find new ways to discipline and dominate.

But foxtails are not only for BDSM lovers. What’s great is that they fit well in a variety of sex games, so even if you are not into any extreme kinks, they can still be fun, although you still have to like role-play. But who doesn’t?

Foxes Are Beautiful Creatures

One of the first questions that pop up when you start a conversation about fox tail butt plugs

How to Be a Better Submissive for Your Dom

What does it take to become the ultimate submissive for your Dom? Should you strictly follow orders like a good little slut and allow them to use you in any way they see fit? Or is it a bit more complicated than that? If you need some training, keep reading!

What Does Being Submissive Mean?

Firstly, being submissive is not just about following orders, pleasing others, or getting tortured by your cruel master. It can mean many things. All of that depends on the individual relationship.

You’ll find a set of common traits in almost any Dominant/submissive or relationships. These cover a wide variety of subcategories, top — Daddy Dom/Little Girl, Owner/Pet, and the standard Master/Slave dynamic.

The Submissive Role

In BDSM, you’ll see all sorts of fetish plays and kinks that encompass discipline, bondage, masochism, and sadism. To enact various BDSM scenes successfully, people will engage in different roles. …

The Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

With so many high-end and budget vacuum cleaners, it can be difficult to choose one that matches your preferences and your home environment. We’ve compiled this guide to buying a vacuum cleaner to quickly help you understand the main types of vacuums and their differences. So check out our vacuum cleaner buying guide before you spend your money and see which one will suck just the way you like it!

Cordless/Handheld Vacuums

Many people think about corded vs. cordless vacuum cleaners before deciding to invest in a product that suits them best. There are several cordless and handheld types that could appeal to you. That will depend on the surface you are cleaning and your desired runtime.

The most common cordless products are stick vacuums. They are similar to standard upright models. However, they are smaller, thinner, and have a narrower cleaning range. Since they have no cord, they are

Cuckolding: Your Man’s Secret Fantasy

Have you ever wondered if your man was a cuck? Maybe you’re into that type of relationship and want to see how your partner feels about it.

Keep an eye out for some of the signs we are about to mention, so you can find out if you’re lucky enough to be a hotwife!

What Is Cuckolding?

We’re sure you’ve heard the word ‘cuckold’ many times. It’s not a word you can often hear on the street, though. So, we’re going to blame porn for introducing you to it.

We know how it goes — you see the word in the title, wonder what it is, and then either move on or get into it. And now, here you are, and you are curious. We’re here to tell you all about what cuckolding is and why your man wants it.

Cuckolding is basically when your partner gets horny when you …

Why your pussy deserves a clitoris pump

Pump That Clit, Girl!

Nowadays, it’s not unusual for women of all ages and sexual orientations to use all kinds of sex toys. Some ladies feel less and less attractive as their bodies age, and they tend to opt for pussy pumps that offer a somewhat brief rejuvenation for their old and wrinkly genitals. And we don’t blame them. Pussy pumps are great for making vaginas plump and young-looking once again.

That’s all great, but what about women who just want to play with their pussies? Is there something that’s just meant for pure pleasure and not for aesthetics? Well, fortunately, clitoris pumps exist, and they offer a whole new level of stimulation.

It’s not unlikely to hear how couples of all ages use them. They’re just like dildos — everyone loves them, but not everyone is willing to admit they have them. So, let’s talk a bit about these

BDSM Aftercare 101

Why is BDSM aftercare important? What are some of the most effective aftercare methods to try after your hot bondage session? This guide will show you why this post-BDSM activity is absolutely essential for any successful session!

BDSM Is a Consensual Relationship

For starters, anyone who practices BDSM frequently knows that it requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Beginners could overlook many key principles regarding risk and safety. That’s why it’s crucial to learn the most important rules before trying anything. If you disregard the main principles, your partner won’t only end up with a couple of awkward bruises or a sex toy that’s stuck in their bum. They could also suffer some heavy emotional damage. Thus, the only way to keep your experience healthy and safe is to learn and follow the rules accordingly.

Firstly, one of the guiding principles of BDSM is open communication. If you’re considering …

Latex Vacbeds Explained

Latex either does it for you, or it doesn’t. People who love latex, though, often love it. For those who have found that this material rules their kinky world, the ultimate experience probably has to be a trip in a latex vacbed. MadameZ went on the hunt to find out how these kinktastic contraptions work and include some vital safety tips for those interested in…

Sucking it up in a latex vacbed

Vacuum bondage is pretty much what it sounds like – someone gets into a latex vacbed and a pump (often a standard household vacuum cleaner) is used to suction all the air out. The latex is drawn tightly around the body, effectively immobilising the person. Then, as a couple of enthusiasts gleefully informed me, ‘you can do whatever you want to them and they can’t get away.’

The level of tight enclosure you get with a latex vacbed …

A Vacuum Bed Story

As you may imagine I have acquaintance with a variety of people in the BDSM community in my area. My ex-next door neighbor (before I moved out during the divorce) is a dominatrix and has a pretty serious D/s relationship with her husband. She’s good at it, maybe because she really believes in it. I’ve played with a few other men and even a woman or two in the greater LA area, and spent a little time in clubs in San Francisco (though that was a while ago).

One friend south of me (San Diego) is an inveterate kinkster and pervert (we shall call him Mark). I’ve played with him a bit over the years, but not a lot. (To be honest he isn’t that great looking and while he is a nice guy, he just isn’t my style). Anyway, Mark recently contacted me and asked if I wanted to …