Elevating Your Vacbed Sex Experience

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Vacbeds have become a popular trend in BDSM, and many newbies/pros are looking to try them. But what is vacbed sex, and why is it so unique? What is breathplay in vacbed sex, and are there some other wild kinks you can try if you’re considering a new vacuum bed? Check out this guide on elevating your vacbed sex experience! 

Adding More Spice to the Vacbed Sex Experience 

While getting sucked into a vacuum bed is already a unique experience on its own, you can pair it with tons of perverted BDSM activities that can fulfill your darkest fantasies and desires! First, you need to get familiar with the right safety practices of this kink. It may look effortless in porn videos, but it’s actually quite risky. 

Typically, kinksters love vacuum beds due to their glossy look. Once inside, a submissive can become fully paralyzed. They can resemble a packed product or a dehumanized sex doll. This is one of the main reasons why BDSM fans love latex vacuum beds. Submissives can also enjoy them due to their unique suction effect. The latex can heighten any sensation since it acts as a second skin. That means teasing, denial, and stimulation are simply a must-try! Conversely, Dominants will love the power and control that vacuum beds can give them. But what else can you do during vacbed sex? 

Well, these beds offer a whole universe of unexplored kinks that you can enjoy. That includes role play, dollification, dehumanization/objectification, latex bondage, torture, paddling, and painplay. Also, they are ideal for sensory deprivation, breathplay, bodily fluid play, forced orgasms, etc. And with beds that have zippers or holes for genitals, the sky’s the limit! You can use various adult toys and accessories. You can even turn your “shrink-wrapped” partner into a living sex toy and have them penetrate you or vice-versa.


This kink is among the simplest and most exciting. The partner inside the bed will usually have their head covered in latex, which leaves a lot of room for breathplay. Vacuum sex beds typically have a tube or a breathing hole. With consent, the Dom can limit the sub’s access to air. Still, this is a risky kink, and you’ll need to discuss it with your partner first. If they have any respiratory conditions, it’s best left avoided.

However, if done right, breathplay can lead to heightened psychological and physical pleasure. The main goal is to restrict oxygen to the brain. Some subs could enjoy the resulting feeling of dizziness or lightheadedness. But, the trick is to stimulate a unique rush when the sub starts breathing again. If done right, the body will release multiple pleasure hormones such as endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, along with a rush of fresh blood. That can have an exhilarating and powerful effect on the sub, especially when combined with the slightly claustrophobic feeling of the vacbed. 

However, if your bed doesn’t fully seal the head, you can try other types of breathplay on your sub. For example, you can make them wear a gas mask. You can also gag them with gag balls, dildos, or even try deepthroating them to restrict their breathing.


So what is flogging in BDSM, and how can you try it with a vacbed? With flogging, the dominant will obviously punish their slave and get them out of their comfort zone even further. You can try a flogger on your sub’s thighs, breasts, feet, and other body parts. Also, you can whip or flog their genitals if the bed has an opening for them. 

Since the latex limits the sub’s movements, they won’t be able to move or twitch. The body can wiggle a bit, but not enough for the slave to dodge or escape their punishment. Of course, this will also need to be done with consent. 

With vacbeds, it’s especially important to establish some safewords that you can easily recognize. If the head is sealed, the sub won’t be able to speak. That means you’ll need to rely on moaning or coughing noises instead of safewords. What’s more, the tightness of the latex can intensify any sensation from impact play. That, along with the inability to move, can feel highly pleasurable for subs who love to surrender all control. Know more about safewords from Cosmopolitan

Tickling and Caressing

If you prefer something that’s not as extreme as the previous two kinks, you can try caressing, teasing, massaging, and even tickling. The latex will also play a huge part here due to enhanced physical sensations.

When the sub becomes deprived of their senses (smell, sight, hearing), sensations of touch will feel incredibly intense. Even a simple brush of the Dom’s fingers across the sub’s thighs could make them shiver and bring them to the edge. Tickling can also be intense due to the restricted movement. The sensation could be extremely frustrating, and even a lot more painful compared to tickling someone outside a vacuum bed. Moreover, if you try tickling/teasing in this way, your partner will never anticipate it. It will be impossible for them to guess what you’ll do next, and they’ll be trapped inside the vacuum with only their tears and bodily fluids! 

Genital Stimulation

Finally, you can try genital stimulation against the latex, or you can expose the sub’s penis, pussy, or anus if the bed has a zipper/hole. If you touch and tease the sub’s genitals and nipples against the latex, the sensation will feel excruciating and incredibly unique. 

With lots of teasing, you can slowly bring your partner to a massive orgasm. It’s entirely possible to orgasm while inside the bed. However, the sub won’t be able to touch themselves or even anticipate their orgasm, which simply makes it much more fun. You can also use a wide range of toys for genital stimulation. For example, vibrators and massagers are ideal for clitoral and penile stimulation. You can use them for forced orgasms, cock milking, as well as orgasm denial. Of course, with an exposed penis, pussy, or ass, it’s possible to do much more, including oral sex and full-on penetration. Other toys to consider are butt plugs, pussy/penis pumps, cock rings, prostate massagers, etc.

The Bottom Line

Which kink did you like the most, and would you consider trying it during vacbed sex? As you’ve seen from our tips, any dungeon can benefit from a vacbed. So get one today and start experimenting!

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