Keeping a Tight Watch on Your Vacbed Sex Activities

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Vacuum sex beds can create an unusual, shrink-wrapped sensation that can drive you or your partner wild! However, before you turn into a paralyzed Han Solo, you need to learn some important vacbed sex safety precautions. So, here’s a breakdown of some crucial rules that will allow you to keep a tight watch on your vacbed sex activities!

Why Vacbed Sex Is Exciting

When it comes to BDSM furniture, vacuum beds truly reign supreme! You can use them for multiple kinks. That includes latex/rubber fetishes, bondage, sensory deprivation, sadomasochism, objectification, etc. Vacuum beds offer a unique way of restraining the entire body, which can be psychologically and physically pleasurable for the sub and the Dom. 

Typically, they have a frame and two thick latex sheets. Once the air is sucked out with a pump, the suction created by the latex can make your darkest fantasies come true. Yet, it could also turn into your worst nightmare. And that’s why BDSM fans love this type of sex play! It’s pleasurable while being equally frustrating (and even a little claustrophobic). 

What’s more, most vacuum beds will cover the entire body, including the head. But, they’ll always have some sort of breathing hole or zipper for air access. The latex could also include cavities or access zippers that can expose your genitals, anus, breasts, etc. That way, the dominant can punish their slave with floggers, vibrators, penis/pussy pumps, buttplugs, and various other sex toys. It’s also possible to fully enclose the genitals for teasing, orgasm denial, and similar kinks.

Oh, and the shrink-wrapped effect of the vacuum simply enhances any sensations on the skin! That is, the submissive can truly have some otherworldly experiences. Also, the look of the glossy latex provides a unique doll or product-like look that can be highly arousing for many kinksters. 

But You’ll Need a Health Check 

If you’re considering a latex vacbed, safety should be your top priority. Surely, you can watch tons of porn on this subject to get inspired, but the videos will never show you the dangers of vacbed sex. 

Of course, the most obvious issue is suffocation. However, other risks of vacbed sex can occur, including bruising, allergies, dehydration, claustrophobia, and ear damage. That’s why these kinky beds are unsafe for solo sex. They should always be operated by two or more people who are aware of the safety concerns, their health condition, and the proper BDSM etiquette. Fortunately, once you have learned the proper rules regarding latex bed sex safety, you’ll see that this kink is actually quite simple. Some BDSM fans even prefer it to rope bondage. It’s actually quicker to set up and requires less equipment. 

So, before you decide to buy one, it’s advisable to get a health check first. That will determine any underlying health issues. Also, if you’ve recently suffered an injury, don’t try this kink until you heal. The suction is usually quite safe, and it’s not dangerous if you’re healthy and know what you’re doing. However, if you have seasonal allergies or an ear infection, you should be patient and wait for those conditions to pass before getting into a vacuum bed. Still, even if you determine that you’re healthy, you’ll have to use this kinky tool responsibly, and you’ll always have to monitor the situation to avoid any problems.

Safety Reminders 

Like we’ve said, careless use of vacbeds can lead to risks of discomfort, bruising, fatigue, injury, and even suffocation. You should only use it if you get/give consent. Moreover, you’ll need to prepare for your session thoroughly. Firstly, discuss the safety precautions with your partner. Then, test the bed to see if it fits. Newbies should never try an extended session straight away. Instead, it’s better to start with short sessions to see the effects of the bed on you/your partner. 

During the testing period, take note of how the bed makes you feel. Is it causing any pain? How is your body responding to the pressure? A properly-fitting vacbed should not cause pain directly. It should create a full-body, shrink-wrapping effect. That will provide unique pressure that you can feel around your entire body. The latex shouldn’t cause any discomfort on your muscles, bones, or joints. 

Additionally, you’ll have to monitor your breathing, especially if the bed is covering your head. You should be able to breathe through the tube/hole without any issue. While breathing, kinksters should pay attention to their necks and check for any pain or soreness. What’s more, vacuum beds are available in various latex/rubber thicknesses, frame sizes, and other configurations that could compromise your safety. Beginners may need to experiment with a few different beds or positions to find the best fit.

Also, you shouldn’t neglect the standard BDSM safety practices. That involves the use of safewords. If your vacuum-sealed partner is unable to speak, they can use breathing, coughing, or moaning patterns instead of a safeword. Since dominant partners have a big responsibility here, they have to act responsibly and never cross their boundaries. 


Now that you’ve learned about the proper sex practices for vacuum beds, it’s time to seal the deal! So, go get a vacuum bed today, follow our tips, and have fun!

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