The symbol of ownership (Submission)

Sex is a funny thing. We all start as kids, being confused about that weird feeling down there when we see something arousing. Then, we start acting on that weird feeling by touching ourselves. Our first sexual experience happens in the so-called one-pump missionary position. Maybe doggy if we’re especially naughty.

That’s how it starts, and it doesn’t stick around that stop for long. By the time we’re old and our libido dies before we do, we can’t get off unless it’s extremely messed up and odd. You know, tying-a-belt-around-your-neck-and-having-an-eggplant-up-your-ass odd.

The more we explore sex and our sexual preferences, the more we realize how many fetishes there are. One of the most common kinks is BDSM. It’s a fantasy that relies on the psychological side of our sexuality. BDSM involves two partners playing two very different roles — a submissive and a dominant one. We call them a sub

Latex Saved My Sex Life

I used to hate it when people would touch my bare skin. This left a gaping hole in my sex life. But then I put on some latex panties, and they changed my life forever! Read my uncensored confession to see how latex saved my sex life!

I Don’t Like My Skin Being Touched

I suck at “closing the deal” and hooking up with guys. Honestly, I consider myself attractive, and most guys are into me, but I find it extremely difficult to go out with someone and genuinely enjoy myself. I used to abstain from sexual intercourse for several months at a time. Sometimes, I tried to be sexually active and had random flings with men. Most of my dates didn’t end well. That’s mainly because I feel repulsed when someone touches my skin. When someone puts their hands on me, I feel anxious and disgusted.

It took me

You Won’t Believe How Much She Will Enjoy These Condoms

Do you always struggle with condoms? Do they make you and your partner miserable during sex? If so, there’s a big chance that it’s not actually about you — it’s the condom’s fault! Check out our article to learn about the best condom products for you. You won’t believe how much she will enjoy these condoms!

The Importance of Using Condoms

You’ll always hear that condoms are a requirement for vaginal, anal, and oral sex. Obviously, most people know their benefits. They are an effective method of birth control. Also, they provide protection against STDs and sexually transmitted infections.

Unfortunately, most guys don’t think about the actual type of condom. This can complicate a lot of things during sex! If you’re not careful, you could end up with one that’s too loose or too tight. This will make your pride and joy feel like an awkwardly wrapped sausage! Both you

The Wonderful World of Latex

What is latex, and why is it so popular in manufacturing industries across the globe? While you may think that latex is all about glossy black clothes and condoms, there’s actually much more to it. For example, most people don’t know that latex comes from nature. 

Today we’ll explore the wonderful world of latex to teach you about its manufacturing, uses, and some of the best latex products on the market. 

What in the World Is Latex? 

It seems that latex is all around us, and thousands of manufacturers use it for various products, from tennis shoes, clothing, balloons, chewing gum to condoms, as well as sexy boots and tights. But what is latex made of? 

To put it simply, latex is mainly made from rubber (40%) and water (55%). Despite its all-black or red appearance in various processed products, it’s actually a white, soft, and milky fluid. Essentially, unprocessed

Building Your Own BDSM Dungeon

Not everyone is born in a castle. Unfortunately, that means that sex dungeons aren’t as easy to find. But if you are into kinky things and you always wanted to have one in your home, here is a couple of tips for a DIY sex dungeon. The process might be simpler than you think.

What Is a BDSM Dungeon

If you ever wanted to have a BDSM dungeon, now is the time to make your dream come true. But before we go into all the details of how and why you should do it, we should discuss what it is. BDSM dungeon is an indoor space that’s designed specifically for BDSM scenes and other similar activities. 

The reason why people call it is for the lack of windows since the last thing you’ll need is someone creeping on you during your sexy time. When it comes to the BDSM furniture

Keeping a Tight Watch on Your Vacbed Sex Activities

Vacuum sex beds can create an unusual, shrink-wrapped sensation that can drive you or your partner wild! However, before you turn into a paralyzed Han Solo, you need to learn some important vacbed sex safety precautions. So, here’s a breakdown of some crucial rules that will allow you to keep a tight watch on your vacbed sex activities!

Why Vacbed Sex Is Exciting

When it comes to BDSM furniture, vacuum beds truly reign supreme! You can use them for multiple kinks. That includes latex/rubber fetishes, bondage, sensory deprivation, sadomasochism, objectification, etc. Vacuum beds offer a unique way of restraining the entire body, which can be psychologically and physically pleasurable for the sub and the Dom. 

Typically, they have a frame and two thick latex sheets. Once the air is sucked out with a pump, the suction created by the latex can make your darkest fantasies come true. Yet, it

Why a Lot of People Are Developing Latex Fetishism

Why do people have fetishes? The question has been around for quite a while. Freud believed that fetishes develop out of fear of the mother’s genitals. But, most of his theories revolved around genitals and mothers. 

Whatever the answer might be, there is no denying that many people have fetishes. One of the most common fetishes is foot fetish, and others include specific types of clothing, different body parts, and so on.  

Here, we will take a look at latex fetish, what it is, and how people enjoy it. We will also go through some of the most common topics and questions about this kink.

What Is Latex Fetishism

This one, in short, means that a person goes bonkers for people wearing latex clothes. Latex is a type of rubber, and this type of fetish falls in the same one as rubber fetishism. 

However, it is also possible to find

Latex Allergies and Sex Toys

What happens if someone is allergic to sex toys? Does this mean that they can’t enjoy using toys, or is there an alternative? Allergy to latex is not as rare as you’d think, and there are many people that suffer from it. Here, we will take a look at the latex allergy, alternative materials, and ways to get around this problem and keep yourself healthy and safe. 

The Numbers

Latex allergy is nothing new. People have suffered from this condition for ages. If we take a look at the statistics, 4.3% of the general population suffer from latex allergy. And the percentage only increases for susceptible patients and healthcare workers, which is 7.2% and 9.7% respectively. 

The main problem with latex is that only a number of latex-derived products are approved (or regulated) by FDA and similar organizations. Products rarely have labels that they contain latex, and it poses a

How to Plan a Good BDSM Scene

BDSM can allow you to explore your imagination and broaden your limits to their maximum. If you fantasize about being degraded like a little slut by your Dom daddy or wish to dominate your worthless slave yourself, you should note that this is not as simple as you may think. The perfect BDSM scene requires consent, communication, safety, proper aftercare, and many other elements. So keep reading to learn how to plan a good BDSM scene successfully!

What Are the Tools or Equipment Needed?

Firstly, equipment, toys, and accessories are an essential element of any BDSM scene. There are many types of BDSM gear, and you should always consider their relevance for the scenario you are planning.

Before you plan your scene, it will be useful to make an equipment checklist. Before you order some monster dildos and brutal torture machines, you should first consider the safety gear.

When it …

My Neck, My Back: Getting the Right Mattress for Your Sleeping Needs

Is your bed causing you nightmares? Many people don’t know that improper sleep can directly influence their back pain, moods, energy levels, and general wellbeing. So, how can you deal with this? The solution is to invest in a quality mattress that matches your body size and sleeping habits.

But why is it important to get a good mattress, and which type will suit you best? Here’s all you need to know!

Make the Right Choice 

While it’s a common fact that quality sleep leads to better health, a lot of people end up with big problems during bedtime. Work-related stress, anxiety, back pain, or even sleeping disorders are some of the most obvious culprits. However, we also neglect our mattress choices. Your bed actually plays a key role in your sleep cycles, along with the quality of your sleep and comfort. So, if you’ve got an old and dusty