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Every fetish starts with curiosity. From reading some articles, doing some research to watching several videos, resisting the temptation to give in is almost impossible. You already have it in you, it just needs a little more push to finally unleash yourself to a different kind of pleasure.

When Jomari Leash first learned about vacuum bed sex, he actually cringed and though that it is stupid. Jomari got curious as to how it works but he was convinced that it’s something that he would never try. He started looking for some videos, guides, and articles that talk about the pros and cons of vacuum bed sex fetish. As he spends more time seeing and understanding the fetish, his curiosity transitioned into wanting to know what it feels like. He knew that it’s the start of something new he never knew he would get himself into.

Jomari started joining online groups where he met like-minded people. After several exchanges of messages, he decided to meet with one of them at one of his friends’ house. He was surprised that there was a dedicated room for BDSM play including three vacuum beds. Everything happened so fast as if he never cursed vacuum sex bed fetish.

Now that he has a better understanding of the fetish, he wants to share his experiences, what he knows, and how to enjoy new experiences. Feed your curiosity and see where it takes you. You will also find articles about other elements of BDSM, so you can continuously explore your kink. These will range from product reviews, recommendations, BDSM sex tips, and many more! Make sure to check back soon!