The high-quality fashion of fox tails

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If you happen to like some dressing up and are an anal play enthusiast, fox tail butt plugs may be an all-in-one solution for a sexy session. These amazing toys offer many ways to get naughty, and kink fans are going crazy about them.

Pet play is gaining popularity as it brings a new aspect to the domination/submission game. The slaves become pets that can be properly rewarded if they behave, while the masters can find new ways to discipline and dominate.

But foxtails are not only for BDSM lovers. What’s great is that they fit well in a variety of sex games, so even if you are not into any extreme kinks, they can still be fun, although you still have to like role-play. But who doesn’t?

Foxes Are Beautiful Creatures

One of the first questions that pop up when you start a conversation about fox tail butt plugs is:

why Foxes? Well, the answer is simple — they are beautiful creatures, and the legend says that they are incredibly clever.

Smart is sexy, so it seems like a winning combo. Playing a vixen for your partner is arousing, kinky, and allows both partners to try something fresh. Animal play is a matter of specific taste, but fox tails are a bit more than that. They are dirty as porn with the right amount of silliness.

Another interesting thing is that fox fur is extraordinarily delicate and soft. It doesn’t tickle, and it caresses the skin, which is arousing by itself. Some of the most expensive fur coats are made of fox fur, and once you touch it, you immediately understand why.

So, it’s not just about how it looks but how it feels. Additionally, for all of us who like a little glamour with our kink, this toy is a sexy fashion accessory number one. It’s decadent, perverted, and fabulous.

Fox Tail Plugs Are in Fashion

Once you start hunting for fox tails on the sex toy market, you soon realize that there is so much to choose from. Silver fox, red fox, super fluffy, or extra long — you can be the vixen you always wanted to be with just one click.

However, this may be the right time to discuss a couple of practical issues. As we already mentioned, fox tails are actually butt plugs with an extension in the shape of a tail. So, if you are not comfortable with ass stimulation, this is not your type of toy.

If you are, then you are in for a treat. Naturally, we love butt plugs because they have plenty to offer when it comes to anal play. They come in various sizes and materials and fit perfectly together with other toys like dildos or cock cages.

Plugs are awesome for double penetration or P-spot stimulation for men too. Of course, they require some time to get used to, and it’s essential to get the one that satisfies your preferences and desires.

Our advice is to start with smaller toys. When we say smaller, we refer to the insertable part. If you are a beginner, it’s better to go slow and steady and avoid initial discomfort or pain. Well, unless you are into pain.

Get a Full Look

If you are into role play, you can pair the toy with a wide range of accessories that can turn you into a super hot vixen. Fox ears go great with some hot lace or leather underwear, and they will only add to the atmosphere.

Any sexy outfit will do, but fur details are a sure hit. It’s not just about glamour and kink — it simply feels great against your skin. Not to mention that your partner will go crazy and that you can expect some serious fireworks. You can even go further and get a sexy hunter outfit to stage a real shooting party if you know what we mean.


Safety Tips

Although we wouldn’t call them dangerous, animal tail plugs require some caution. To avoid any unpleasantries, stick to these rules, and you should have no problems whatsoever.

Always buy body-safe products. Stainless steel, medical-grade silicon, and silica gel are all excellent choices, so make sure that the insertable end of your toy is made from those materials.

Don’t forget to use lube. In any anal play, lubricants are very important because they make the insertion easier and keep us safe from any injuries while the toy is inside. It can be a water-based or silicon product, just remember to apply generously.

Size does matter, so don’t go crazy with your first plug. Start with smaller toys and build your way up. Also, beginners should opt for silicon or silica gel toys because they adapt to the body and feel more natural.

Fox Tail Butt Plug Care Guide

It doesn’t matter if your foxtail is real or fake — it will require maintenance to keep looking and feeling great. Though opting for fake fur is our firm recommendation, even then, the upkeep is not that simple.

You will have to dry clean the tails to keep it fluffy, sexy, and gorgeous. Washing fur is not a good idea because it will soon make it look like it was taken from a carcass (not hot at all). However, it is crucial to clean it for aesthetic and sanitary reasons.

If you think that your local dry cleaner will give you the eye, the furry part is usually detachable. For the bit that goes in your ass, apply the same hygienic measures you would use for a standard butt plug or a dildo. Wash it thoroughly before and after use and store it in a dry place.

You should store it in a cotton bag because dust and fur do not go well together. Plastic bags are not a good idea since the fur needs air circulation. Also, it’s better to hang it as it will stay fuzzy. Always aim to keep it dry and don’t use bleach or detergent on it.


As you can see, getting foxy is becoming real. Innocent and kinky, lavish and dirty, the combinations are endless, and so can be the orgasms. What started as an extreme kink fantasy is entering the mainstream. Well, maybe mainstream is not the right word. 

Nevertheless, it’s definitely more accessible especially that it is available at, and there’s no reason to shy away from it.

Anal stimulation has never been so fun. With a fox tail butt plug and some imagination, you can really push the boundaries and explore your inner animal. We all have one, and it’s dying to get out.

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