A Vacuum Bed Story

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As you may imagine I have acquaintance with a variety of people in the BDSM community in my area. My ex-next door neighbor (before I moved out during the divorce) is a dominatrix and has a pretty serious D/s relationship with her husband. She’s good at it, maybe because she really believes in it. I’ve played with a few other men and even a woman or two in the greater LA area, and spent a little time in clubs in San Francisco (though that was a while ago).

One friend south of me (San Diego) is an inveterate kinkster and pervert (we shall call him Mark). I’ve played with him a bit over the years, but not a lot. (To be honest he isn’t that great looking and while he is a nice guy, he just isn’t my style). Anyway, Mark recently contacted me and asked if I wanted to try something out.

A vacuum bed.

Yeah, I’ve never done that one before; in fact I think I have kind of avoided it, which is strange because my core kink is being restrained, immobilized, and then manipulated and perhaps tortured or fucked.

I think I have avoided the vacuum bed thing for so long because not many people have one; because of the noise of the vacuum going all the time (many vac-beds are not airtight and the vacuum noise just seems distracting and dumb); and because I just have a focus, a fetish if you will, on being tied up. I need to be forced, exposed, manipulated. A ring gag forcing my mouth open, allowing a fat cock to fuck my throat. Forced to be bent over so someone can ream my ass with a strapon. Legs tied and forced as wide open as they can go, exposed to my dom so he can fiddle with my cunt as much as he likes and there is nothing I can fucking do about it.

Vac-beds have just never appealed to me.

Mark told me a mutual friend of ours, Steve, has a brand new vac-bed, and it is supposedly airtight so the vacuum only runs for a few seconds. And it has “accessories.” Huh. Well, I figured it was time for me to give it a try. I’m usually up to trying things once just to see whether I like them. I’ve done some pretty disgusting things just to try them. Once. At least now I know that drinking piss is really not something that gets me off in any way at all (I sorta knew that but hey– now I know for sure).

You know, I have to say that a lot of times, the physical kink I have tried, the weird thing, isn’t in any way pleasurable and I would really rather not do it and yet in combination with other things it can enhance a scene. Urine is an example.

Yeah, I hate the idea of drinking urine, or doing golden showers. I would never willingly just head for a bathroom and say, “hey, pee on me, it gets me off.” I’ve known guys that were into that, or wanted to try it. Nope. Not a turn on at all.

On the other hand, I have a strong kink, a real fetish for being tied up and forced to do things I don’t like. The being forced to experience discomfort, pain, and do things I wouldn’t normally do accentuates the feeling of helplessness in being restrained and in someone else’s control. That’s what I get off on.

So yeah, I’ve been tied up, catheterized, and had the tube attached to a bag over my head so I was forced to slowly pee on myself. Drip… drop… drip… All while tied up in inescapably, unable to do a damn thing about it.

So it wasn’t the urine itself that got me off. It was that I was tied up, helpless and forced to do something humiliating and obnoxious because there was nothing I could do about it. All while having a vibrator force me to an orgasm.

Yeah. I would never choose to do the whole pee thing, but… being forced while tied up… that gets me off.

So yeah, I am not going to go through all the disgusting things I have done, or done to myself over the years just in the name of trying things out. But I’ve tried a lot, and one of them was urine.

Actually, the urine thing, the first time it happened wasn’t my idea. I was about 25 and had turned myself over to a particularly intense dom, who had asked me about my limits. I had told him my limits were basically:

Nothing that would cause permanent injury
Nothing that would cause permanent disfigurement
Nothing that would threaten my long term health
Nothing that would require medical treatment
Nothing that would cause temporary disfigurement in an area that would prevent me from being seen in public
Nothing that would be public and could damage my reputation in any way
Nothing illegal
Those are actually common sense, and cover things like no scarification, no deep cuts or tears of flesh, no electric play that would threaten the heart, nothing that is going to cause pulled muscles or torn ligaments, that kind of thing.

Apparently tying me to a chair and having me catheterized so my own slow urine production filled a plastic bag over my head… that was allowed. And yeah, I guess it was.

In fact, the guidelines above allow an incredibly broad set of really disgusting, unpleasant and painful things. Some electric play can be excruciatingly painful, and yet leave no scars, not even any real temporary wounds except for some redness– light burns. The guidelines allow me to be hung upside down, tied into a tiny ball, forced to lick a toilet (though that could be considered threatening to health if the toilet is disgusting and covered with viruses).

The guidelines also allow for things like needles under fingernails, staples, minor blood play, being shoved in chests and transported to places other than where we started, enemas, induced vomiting, and… being forced to urinate on one’s self.

I guess that’s the whole idea. When I turn myself over to someone, I don’t know what is going to happen. I know I will walk out of there essentially unharmed and able to continue my life, but for however long I am being dominated, I am helpless and out of control.

Wow, I am getting way off topic here. I was talking about the vac-bed.

But I think the discussion is relevant to why the vac-bed has never seemed that wonderful to me. It’s extreme restraint, yes. But once restrained… then what? I love not being able to move. But I’ve become more and more dependent over the years and having other things going on that reinforce my helplessness. Pain. Disgusting things. Whatever. The vac-beds essentially seal you up so nothing can get to you. The experience is limited.

In the interest of experimentation and given the fact that vac-beds are not necessarily that easy to come by, I decided to take my friend up on his offer and give it a shot.

I’ve never played with Steve, though Mark has. Mark’s bisexual and loves cock as well as pussy, and Steve has a gorgeous girlfriend and the three of them get together frequently for play involving spanking, nipple clamps, whips, chains… you know the drill. The one reason I have played with Mark at all is that he has a fair amount of equipment, which is a big advantage. He’s got a couple of fucking/spanking horses, a St. Andrew’s cross, chains and whips and plenty of hooks and eyelets in the ceiling and walls, and is just generally prepared to make life miserable for the likes of me.

Steve brought the vac-bed to Mark’s place, because I trust Mark but haven’t played with Steve yet and needed the extra reassurance of having a familiar person and environment. Nice thing about vacuum beds– they can fold up and transport very easily.

I got to Mark’s place in the early afternoon one Saturday and saw the vacuum bed all set up. He could have put it on the bed, but nooooo…. it was on a tile floor. We talked a bit, but then it was time for me to get naked.

Stripping in front of two hairy, drooling guys that are clothed is always a bit awkward, and also turns me on quite a bit. It’s the beginning of me becoming submissive, of allowing someone else to take over and start doing things to me. I’ve been naked in front of guys so much in my life, you’d think I would be comfortable with it, which I am, but still… there is always this sense of vulnerability to stripping.

I folded my clothes and put them on a table, and stood waiting for them to instruct me. I didn’t know what was going to happen other than I would be sealed inside this latex packaging that would make it almost impossible to move much.

The vac-bed looked a bit different that I thought it would. It was made of a heavier material than I thought, and had a metal rectangular frame– I thought they were all PVC pipe. It was basically just to flat pieces of heavy black latex, except up at the top of one end was a small plastic pipe. My breathing tube.

I was getting nervous. And excited. Yeah, I am afraid so, my pussy was actually getting a bit wet just looking at this thing and being naked.

“OK, Siobhan, time to slip in. Just slide in this open part. Once inside, position under the breathing tube and grip it in your mouth,” Steve was giving instructions, and holding the top latex sheet up.

I knelt and got on my ass, and slipped in to the thing as if it were a sleeping bag. It smelled a bit and felt really strange– being latex it wasn’t going to breathe and I began to sweat the moment my legs slid into it.

I scooched down and in. I remember the point where my head went in and I started up at the dark latex interior. It hadn’t occurred to me until that moment that my face would be completely covered by the latex. A bit of light shown through, but not much. It was going to be like putting on a full hood. I wouldn’t be able to see anything.

Nerves started taking over. This was really a bizarre experience. The smooth feeling of the latex was weird, not at all like actually being in a bed or sleeping bag. The feeling was very unnatural. My mouth searched for the breathing tube and I panicked just a bit. What if they vacuumed me before I get the breathing tube in? I calmed and managed to find it and grabbed it between my teeth. Breathing in through it I felt a bit better– it was clear and breathing would be OK.

My hands were at my sides and I felt awkward– what was I supposed to do with them? I slid my left had over my hips and between my legs, so I could masturbate while secured.

“Nope. Don’t touch yourself,” said Steve. I could hear him just fine. He was doing something with the top of the latex, rolling it up or something. I was sealed in pretty well at that point and had to breath through the tube. My eyes were closed because, well, there was nothing to look at and pretty soon the latex would squish down on my face. My breathing was slow and deep because I was forcing it that way.

Moving my hand to my side again, I felt Mark bang on the inside of my legs, telling me to spread them a bit. I did. The bed was wide enough I could spread my legs in a good V, exposing my cunt, though at the moment nothing could get to it. I didn’t really wonder why he wanted my legs spread; guys always want me to spread my legs.

I lay there in the latex, sweating like a pig and feeling a combination of nervous and silly.

Suddenly, it happened. It was surprising how fast it was. One moment I was simply laying between two sheets of latex, the next the vacuum was on and the latex was squeezing together. It took all of 3 or 4 seconds before I could feel the squeeze of the latex on my body. The vacuum remained on another 10 seconds or so, pulling the last bit of air out.

Whoa, that thing was tight. I mean, I lay there and felt the latex just squeeze and conform to my body like a shell, and I couldn’t move. Almost immediately I couldn’t move. Not even my fucking fingers.

I had never felt anything so complete. Bondage, shmondage. This fucker had just immobilized every bit of my body. What a fucking fantastic feeling.

The vacuum went off in less than 30 seconds and all was quiet. I could then hear Mark and Steve talking. They were discussing what I looked like in latex. Apparently the shape of my body was clear and perfectly visible, right down to my camel toe.

I tried to move. I could move a bit, mostly up and down, but not side to side. The latex was flexible, but I couldn’t move out of it or inside it. Just push or pull it. There was no problem breathing, either, even though the latex was smashed down against my chest.

Which was where I felt their hands. Both guys were feeling me, running their hands along my body in the latex. I could feel the pressure, though not the fine texture of their skin because, obviously, there was a layer of latex between us. Even so I had the nervous tingle of knowing someone was feeling my body and I was helpless about it.

I kept trying to move a bit here and there; I tried moving my hands over to my legs and to my clit, it was impossible. I couldn’t even move my fingers. I wasn’t completely immobile because the latex itself would stretch and move a bit, but the vacuum was complete and there was no way my body was moving between the latex sheets.

Someone’s hand reached between my legs and massaged my pussy. I thrust my hips up a bit, urging them on. I had no idea who it was, but it didn’t matter. Someone was masturbating me and I might as well urge them on.

Then the vibrator came. Right on my pussy. My breathing quickened, my thrusts and wiggles got a bit more intense. I couldn’t do anything, couldn’t get away from it, and it was just… there. Urging me slowly but relentlessly to climax.

It only took three minutes or so. Being totally restrained, so totally bound, was incredibly arousing to me and the vibrator had me whimpering through my breathing tube in no time. I made a very un-ladylike grunting noise when I came.

The vibrator kept on, even when I orgasmed. They didn’t remove it and it drove me insane. I was too sensitive down there, I wanted it stopped, and I actually made word noises through the tube, begging for mercy. No such luck. The vibrator stayed exactly where it was, and I felt myself slowly accepting it and wriggling with it, and then finally climaxing again. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck…

Finally the vibrator was removed. Nothing happened for a while.

I heard the two guys talking a bit. Slightly muffled, but I could understand.

“Try it now?”

“Yeah. How long?”

“Start with a few seconds, work her up to longer.”

What were they talking about?

I found out what they were talking about when I suddenly couldn’t breathe any more. The breathing tube was blocked off. I’d say I started gasping, but gasping involves actually get in some air. My body contracted, my stomach and chest moved, I tried to suck in air, but there was nothing to suck in.

It only lasted a few seconds but came so suddenly, was so shocking, it completely destroyed my mental state. I started moaning and protesting through the tube as soon as they released it, grunting and begging for them not to do that again.

Of course, that had no effect. A took all of three breaths and whammo– no air. I pulled and grasped and tried to move and struggle, but I couldn’t. I literally couldn’t move anything other than to lift my stomach and chest up, and push my hips around an inch or so. It wasn’t as much of a shock the second time, but damn it was so completely mentally stripping, to realize I was so helpless.

I almost came again right then.

The breathing tube was blocked about once a minute after that, for 30 seconds each.

Then the vibrator came again. Each time the vibrator was pressed on my cunt, the air was cut off. So if I was being sexually stimulated, I couldn’t breath. If I could breathe, the vibrator was gone. This cycle went on for several minutes until I finally came again, my entire body shaking and vibrating in the latex.

Finally my breathing was left alone, but the fear the breath control had implanted in my brain was still there. I knew any breath might be my last and began panting a bit.

“Don’t breathe too fast, you’ll hyperventilate,” Steve said. I did try to slow my breathing.

I was wondering how long I had been in the bed. My body was bathed in sweat, unable to evaporate. I wasn’t hot though, it was just sweat that had no place to go.

Suddenly I was being lifted up. The two men had grabbed the steel frame and lifted me off the floor. Where on earth were they taking me?

Nowhere, it seemed. They lifted me up slightly, then lifted my legs up higher and higher until I was upside down.

Now, realize that while I couldn’t completely articulate because I had a tube in my mouth, I could still make a lot of noise. I am sure some of it was comprehensible. So when I swore at them, “mother fucking assholes goddamn bastards…” I heard laughter.

“You want some more vibrator?” Mark said.

“No thoot eee down…” I said. “Athholth.”

“She wants more vibrator,” Mark said. A moment later the vibrator was pushed against my cunt at full power, vibrating like I was riding the back of a Harley.

“Thhhuuucccckkkkk…..” I said through the tube and concentrated on having another orgasm. I’d had three already, which was pretty good for a session, but frankly I was feeling like I had found my ideal bondage. Complete immobility.

The blood was rushing to my head, which is always unpleasant. I’ve spent a lot of time upside down in my life and it is never pleasant. I’ve never lost consciousness, but come close a couple of times.

When the fourth orgasm was over they spanked me. Holy fuck. I was upside down but that meant both my front and back were exposed and they had decided my latex covered ass was too tempting and got a big paddle Mark has for some of his special guests.

Each strike on my ass hurt like hell. I mean, the flesh didn’t sting because of the impact on bare skin, it was more like getting a good paddling with jeans on. Except somehow the latex transmitting the impact better than denim, and I think the sweat that had built up added some sting or something. In any case, even though my ass was covered with latex, it was still thin and clinging enough that spanking felt as bad as any I had gotten.

I was crying, sobbing through my breathing tube when they stopped, and yes tears had collected around my eyes.

I guess that seemed like enough to them because they put me back down on the floor and released the latch and air filled the bed. It didn’t rush in, but the tight sensation relieved right away, and when I wriggled, I could get more and more air in and finally had the two sheets of latex completely apart.

It was hella lot easier getting out. I slid right out because I was wet from sweat.

“Wow, you look like that was rough,” Mark said. I didn’t know it but being in that thing had totally messed with my makeup and skin, made me look like a zombie skeletazoid.

“Fuck that was intense,” I said. They gave me water, I relaxed in a chair (no longer feeling weird being naked in front of them).

“I really need a shower,” I got up and went into Mark’s bathroom.

When I came out and got dressed, Mark asked, “So have you changed your mind about vacuum beds?”

“Um, yeah… I think I like them,” I said. “I think I would still prefer being tied up, but yeah…”

Just before I left I confessed to Mark a thought that had been haunting me since halfway through the experience.

“I think this was very similar to mummification. I’ve never been mummified. I may have to try it sometime.”

Mark grinned. “I can help with that.”

I laughed. “I think I might try it with Jason first. Thanks Steve. It was a trip.”

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