Latex Vacbeds Explained

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Latex either does it for you, or it doesn’t. People who love latex, though, often love it. For those who have found that this material rules their kinky world, the ultimate experience probably has to be a trip in a latex vacbed. MadameZ went on the hunt to find out how these kinktastic contraptions work and include some vital safety tips for those interested in…

Sucking it up in a latex vacbed

Vacuum bondage is pretty much what it sounds like – someone gets into a latex vacbed and a pump (often a standard household vacuum cleaner) is used to suction all the air out. The latex is drawn tightly around the body, effectively immobilising the person. Then, as a couple of enthusiasts gleefully informed me, ‘you can do whatever you want to them and they can’t get away.’

The level of tight enclosure you get with a latex vacbed is probably the most comprehensive form of restraint bondage around, which makes it particularly appealing to people who find comfort, safety and a state of bliss in being firmly restrained.

For all the gleeful sadists out there, it’s also the case that every touch, tickle or strike of an implement is intensified when your sub is effectively shrink-wrapped. Objectification is a large part of the pleasure some tops and bottoms take in this kink. Pictures of people in vacuum bondage certainly transform any body into a glistening work of kinky, slightly unsettling art: anonymous, not-quite-human, frozen in a moment of eerie perfection…

How much will a latex vacbed set me back?

A latex vacbed usually consists of a sack made of reasonably thick latex, with a zip on one side, and a frame, along with a connector for your Hoover. There is a certain amount of ongoing discussion online among vacbed users as to the best type of Hoover or pump: apparently, a lot of vacuum bondage play is likely to trash some models of Hoovers if you are not careful. It’s also possible to get vacuum boxes or cubes which trap the inhabitant in the middle.

For a straightforward latex vacbed, you’re generally looking at £250-£300. You can get smaller ones, which will really only hold one person, but there are larger models available if you’re in the mood for a full blown vacuum bondage orgy. Okay, you won’t be able to move, but being pressed so tightly against the body of another brings in a whole new element to this kind of play.

Latex vacbeds and breath play

An optional aspect of vacuum bed fun is breath play: some latex vacbeds are fitted with breathing holes, which can be used with extra tubes or other devices. Some vacuum cubes and beds are designed to form a seal around the neck so that the submissive’s head and face remain free. With these, gas masks can be added in – whether that’s purely for functional purposes or you want to boost the visual appeal for the dominant or any other observer.

There are different designs of latex hoods and masks with various types of airways and degrees of face covering. This can be helpful if someone longs for total rubber enclosure but baulks at actual breath control – or shouldn’t engage in breath play because of specific health issues. Some manufacturers include an additional hole or port to allow the dominant partner access to the victim’s naughty bits, but if yours doesn’t, there are other erotic options. You could, for instance, insert a vibrating buttplug prior to enclosing someone in vacuum bondage.

Latex vacbed tips and tricks

No sharps! Whoever’s going in to the vacuum bed should make sure they don’t have any sharp edges about themselves. Remove jewellery, wristwatches or high heels. Many devotees like to go in naked, but this may not be welcome or advisable if the vacbed is in use at a club or a party or otherwise going to be enjoyed by a succession of players.
This is absolutely not a kink for the solo player. You can’t control the vacuum from inside the bed, and you can’t get out by yourself. No one should ever be left unattended in vacuum bondage. Especially if the mouth and nose are covered and a breathing tube is in use.
Health risks: if someone has existing ear problems, they should be very careful about vacuum bondage. There have been a few reported cases of ear damage from doing this. It’s also probably best avoided, or approached with a lot of extra care and full disclosure to your partner if you have known respiratory issues.
Time your play. Most enthusiasts seem to think that it’s not a great idea to stay in your latex vacbed for too long. An attack of cramp is the most usual reason for wanting to be released in a hurry, rather than anything more serious. There are a few reports of bruising occurring on people who have overdone it, particularly with heavier grades of latex.

As ever, this isn’t an activity that’s going to do it for everyone. Some people simply don’t care for latex and others dislike or can’t cope with physical restraint. It is, however, one of the more adaptable unusual ones. Putting someone in a latex vacbed can be done playfully and tenderly… or, for the hardcore player, be part of a deliciously terrifying scene featuring power, cruelty, dehumanization and control.

Using a latex vacbed and vacuum bondage requires a lot of prep and knowledge beforehand. If you’ve got some tips or questions you want to share, slide on over to the forums and let everyone know.

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