Cuckolding: Your Man’s Secret Fantasy

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Have you ever wondered if your man was a cuck? Maybe you’re into that type of relationship and want to see how your partner feels about it.

Keep an eye out for some of the signs we are about to mention, so you can find out if you’re lucky enough to be a hotwife!

What Is Cuckolding?

We’re sure you’ve heard the word ‘cuckold’ many times. It’s not a word you can often hear on the street, though. So, we’re going to blame porn for introducing you to it.

We know how it goes — you see the word in the title, wonder what it is, and then either move on or get into it. And now, here you are, and you are curious. We’re here to tell you all about what cuckolding is and why your man wants it.

Cuckolding is basically when your partner gets horny when you are having sex with someone else. He doesn’t necessarily need to watch you be a cheating wife (but we know they want to). He can get turned on by only knowing about it too.

Now, you might be thinking, why would anyone enjoy something like this? Well, people have a lot of strange fetishes. In fact, cuckolding is very close to BDSM, as well as Dom/sub relationships and the humiliation fetish.

Let’s be real. If you’re not really into monogamy, having a cuck is like winning the sex lottery. You can go fucking around, and your partner will be happy about it. We can’t see anything wrong about it. Can you?

Why Are Some Men Into This?

This isn’t something you should concern yourself with. What matters is that your partner is into it, which means you can go on a sex adventure anytime you want. Still, let’s find out why men are into it, just to have a better understanding.

Firstly, things can be straightforward. Maybe they’re just into the humiliation or the sub aspect of it. There can be another side to it, though. Maybe your man enjoys knowing you’re cheating on him because it makes him want to try harder and prove himself to be better than others eventually. It’s all about the competition. After all, it’s not easy being cucked by the wife.

Yet another reason can be jealousy. It’s natural for people to feel jealous for many reasons. However, that jealousy can drive us and awaken a lot of passion within us all. Once that passion starts going, you’re in for a lot of pleasure provided by your (main) partner.

Maybe your partner is happy that you’re happy. He enjoys seeing you happy and sexually satisfied, even if it’s coming from someone else. Yes, that happiness is so great that he gets turned on by it. Whatever it is, sit back and enjoy it.

Signs That Your Man Wants to Watch You Have Sex With Someone Else

Some of the signs are quite subtle. If you want to find out if your man is a cuck, you’ll have to pay close attention to some of his reactions and behaviors. You might even have to spy on him a little bit. Or not, depending on how openly you can talk to him.

The first thing you should take a look at is his porn history. We know men can be sneaky with the incognito mode, so maybe you can just ask him about his porn preferences instead. If he says he’s into cuckold porn, he’s probably into it in real life too.

Submission is another thing you should look out for. If your man is submissive, there’s a good chance that he wants to be your cuck. You’re free to do whatever you want as a Dom anyway, so why not be a hotwife?

Does your partner like to watch you masturbate? Because we think voyeurism is the number one telltale sign of a real cuckold. Now, this could also mean that he just likes to watch you play with yourself, so feel free to explore this sign and ask him all about it.

Generally, if your partner gets excited when he sees other people checking you out, you might be in for an adventure. Of course, only if you’re up for it.

Finally, we believe you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t curious about it. Ask your partner what he thinks and start from there.

Cuckolding Basics

If you think this lifestyle or type of relationship is for you, we bring you the basics of it all. There are some things you simply have to know if you want to venture into this world. So let’s get the terminology down!

The cuck is your partner or a person who enjoys watching their partner have sex with other people. Usually, this is the submissive partner. Every cuckold relationship is different, though. That said, you can allow your partner to be a part of your sexy adventures, or completely forbid it. You’re the dominant one, after all.

The hotwife (or cuckoldress) is you, or the person in a cuckold relationship who has sex with other people. In this kind of relationship, you can do whatever you want. Well, sort of. Since cuckolding is closely tied to BDSM, some Dom/sub rules apply here too. Everything should be discussed with your partner beforehand.

The bull is your sex-object of choice. Keep in mind that this isn’t an open relationship (unless you want it to be). The bull is there simply to sexually satisfy you and be on their merry way. They don’t even need to be another man, so you can go to town exploring your sexuality.

Again, everything should always happen with your partner in mind. Even though he’s a submissive cuck, there might be some things he doesn’t like. You should always take that into account and respect it.


If you believe your man is a cuck, you can test that by showing some cheating signs. You’ll know if he is into it, depending on how he reacts.

In case he’s the cuck type, get ready for a very adventurous relationship. Not all of us are so lucky, so reap all the benefits you can.

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