Latex Allergies and Sex Toys

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What happens if someone is allergic to sex toys? Does this mean that they can’t enjoy using toys, or is there an alternative? Allergy to latex is not as rare as you’d think, and there are many people that suffer from it. Here, we will take a look at the latex allergy, alternative materials, and ways to get around this problem and keep yourself healthy and safe. 

The Numbers

Latex allergy is nothing new. People have suffered from this condition for ages. If we take a look at the statistics, 4.3% of the general population suffer from latex allergy. And the percentage only increases for susceptible patients and healthcare workers, which is 7.2% and 9.7% respectively. 

The main problem with latex is that only a number of latex-derived products are approved (or regulated) by FDA and similar organizations. Products rarely have labels that they contain latex, and it poses a serious health threat for people all around the globe. 

When it comes to latex allergy, it is similar to any other allergy. A person’s body will have a reaction when exposed to latex. Now, it is possible that some people will react to a specific product containing latex, but have no reaction to others having the same material. 

This is why some scientists believe how people with latex allergies are, in fact, allergic to plant proteins or other contaminants that can be found in this material. 

But one of the main reasons why this can be such a problem is due to the fact that it can have a significant impact on one’s sex life. A person allergic to latex will not be able to use regular condoms and a lot of sex toys. 

So, what are your options if you have an allergic reaction to latex? Is it to avoid using condoms and sex toys (it isn’t)? Or is there an alternative? 

Latex-Free Sex Toys

Being allergic to latex sex toys can sound like a serious problem. However, there is an alternative. Today, you can find sex toys made of nearly any possible material. If you are looking to avoid contact with latex (which you probably do if you have an allergy) you can always try out silicone toys. 

The main problem with silicone toys is that they are more expensive. They are more beneficial for health, and it costs more to produce a silicone toy. But even though there is a price difference, it is worth the money. Other options you can try out are toys made of metal or glass, which is probably the healthiest possible option. Of course, glass and steel toys are a lot less forgiving, and people might dislike the lack of flexibility that comes with them. One of the main advantages of these materials is that they are easy to clean, and you can use them with any possible lubricant. 

Needless to say, there are other options as well, and even if you dislike metal or glass, you won’t have a lot of problems finding a latex-free dildo or other sex toys. 

When it comes to condoms, the majority of condoms for men are made of latex. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t find latex-free condoms. The alternative is not to avoid using them, but to find ones that are safe for your body. These are often made of polyurethane, and almost all female condoms are made from the same material. 

What Is Phthalates

Phthalates are esters of phthalic anhydride. It is a material added to plastic to improve mechanical properties like flexibility, longevity, transparency, durability, and others. It is a common ingredient of cosmetics, and you can find it in anything from nail-polish to food. 

Since this chemical is used to soften the hard plastic, it is a common ingredient of children’s toys, perfumes, cosmetics, and of course, sex toys. Unfortunately, it is still unclear what effects on the body phthalates might have. There were a couple of studies in the past, but they indicate that the effects on the body are minimal (or non-existent). 

A couple of years ago, scientists suggested that there might be a link between obesity and endocrine disruption, which is what phthalates are classified as. Furthermore, there is a sign that phthalates can cause different abnormalities in the reproductive systems. It can also damage the liver, lungs, and kidneys. But all types of research were performed on animals. There are still no signs that the chemical is dangerous for humans, and scientists suggested how it is perfectly safe for cosmetics. 

How Do I Know if My Sex Toy Is Safe to Use?

Those who wonder about the dangers of phthalates, latex, and other materials, probably wonder if there is a way to ensure that their toys are safe for use. And this is perfectly normal. One of the first things you can do is check the website of the company that designed the toy, and see what materials are used for it. 

Alternatively, you can see if there is a product description in the box. But even if you can’t find any relevant info on the toy, there are still a couple of things you can do. Firstly, you should check how the toy smells. The more rubbery the smell is the more phthalates it contains. 

If the toy has a strong chemical smell when you remove it from the packaging, similar to the smell of a plastic shower curtain, it means that it has phthalates in it. But this material is only used for plastic. As we mentioned before, its purpose is to soften the plastic and make it more flexible. This means that other materials won’t have traces of it, and the safest option would be to pick something else. Silicone, metal, glass, acrylic, or hard plastic don’t contain phthalates, and you can use them without any fear for your health, or that they will trigger an allergic reaction. 

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