Why a Lot of People Are Developing Latex Fetishism

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Why do people have fetishes? The question has been around for quite a while. Freud believed that fetishes develop out of fear of the mother’s genitals. But, most of his theories revolved around genitals and mothers. 

Whatever the answer might be, there is no denying that many people have fetishes. One of the most common fetishes is foot fetish, and others include specific types of clothing, different body parts, and so on.  

Here, we will take a look at latex fetish, what it is, and how people enjoy it. We will also go through some of the most common topics and questions about this kink.

What Is Latex Fetishism

This one, in short, means that a person goes bonkers for people wearing latex clothes. Latex is a type of rubber, and this type of fetish falls in the same one as rubber fetishism. 

However, it is also possible to find those interested in the garments themselves. If you were to check out videos about this fetish, the first thing you’d notice is how much of the body is covered in latex. Usually, the model will wear a mask with only one a few holes to allow breathing (and sometimes seeing). 

While someone might think that this type of sexual desire is rare, in reality, it is among the most common fetishes you can find. People from all over the world enjoy latex clothes. Age, gender, and sexuality are irrelevant. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that a full-body suit is the only way to go. For some people, gloves are more than enough. Others enjoy different types of clothing. So, if you feel excitement thinking about latex catsuit or this material in general, you might have a latex fetish.

The Rubberist

Since latex is a type of rubber, the people with this fetish are commonly known as rubberists. The community has an incredible reputation for being open and friendly. Also, they are willing to welcome new people who share the same interests. 

As you can guess from the name, the term also covers those into PVC and rubber too. If you start learning more about the fetish, you might encounter another term — rubberman. 

It is popular among the gay male members of the community, who feel sexual arousal when in contact with PVC, latex, rubber, polyurethane, and such. 

For some rubberists, the excitement comes from wearing a suit or garments made of rubber. For others, the main thrill comes from looking at their partner wearing latex clothes. It also doesn’t need to be anything glamorous or apparent, and some people will wear only underwear made from this material.  

The Presence of Latex in the BDSM World

If you are looking to make a connection with other kinks, the most obvious one is with the BDSM community. Needless to say, latex fetish is a kink on its own, and a person doesn’t need to be into BDSM to enjoy it. 

The reason for this is that a lot of gear for BDSM is made of latex. That includes gimp suits, outfits for a dominatrix, etc. The domina will wear a catsuit of latex (or other similar material), and it will cover her head completely. 

In scenes designed specifically for latex fetish, you can encounter people with full-on body-suit, like the one we mentioned before. Here, the entire body will be covered in latex, except for a few holes to allow breathing.

Another interesting thing is that latex can be a part of bondage as well. Some suits are there to restrict the movement of a certain body part like arms, for example. The person wearing it can’t move, and they are often forced to stay in the same position.

Finally, there are latex beds, where the person inside would be completely covered in latex. The bed is then vacuumed, and it completely immobilizes someone inside. Naturally, there is a hole for breathing, and it’s common to find beds with extra holes to allow teasing. This type of bed is excellent for those who want to take tease and denial to a whole new level.  

Developing Different Fetishes Due to Lockdown

We live in an unusual time. People have to stay at home thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic, and entire countries are in lockdown. Since we spend so much time in the same place, people are more willing to experiment. 

They want to try to find new and exciting things, and that includes testing new toys, clothes, and fetishes. Now, the main question here is whether a person developed a fetish, or they had it all this time, but they were unaware of it. 

Whatever the answer may be, more and more people are willing to experiment and try out something new and exciting. And let’s be honest. We all need a way to vent in these times, and playing with latex and indulging your fantasies is an excellent way to find some enjoyment. 

If you are still having doubts about latex and everything, you can always start small. There is no reason for you to jump straight to a full-body suit or a vacuum bed. Instead, buy a pair of gloves or sexy underwear. Who knows, you might enjoy the feeling of latex on your skin. 

Easy Access to Latex

One of the best things about latex fetish is how accessible things can be. Going to a local sex shop is always an option, but not everyone will feel comfortable enough to do it. But the thing with latex is you can find it anywhere. 

That is also one of the primary reasons for the popularity of this fetish. You don’t need to go full dominatrix to enjoy latex. All you need to do is check your local stores and see whether they offer clothes made from this material. There is a high chance that you will find something you’ll be able to wear outside the bedroom as well. 

And the worst-case scenario, you can always order it online. There are full-body suits, masks, underwear, skirts, and nearly anything else you can imagine. The only thing you should be worried about is if you have an allergy to latex, in which case, you might want to avoid it altogether.

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