Latex Saved My Sex Life

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I used to hate it when people would touch my bare skin. This left a gaping hole in my sex life. But then I put on some latex panties, and they changed my life forever! Read my uncensored confession to see how latex saved my sex life!

I Don’t Like My Skin Being Touched

I suck at “closing the deal” and hooking up with guys. Honestly, I consider myself attractive, and most guys are into me, but I find it extremely difficult to go out with someone and genuinely enjoy myself. I used to abstain from sexual intercourse for several months at a time. Sometimes, I tried to be sexually active and had random flings with men. Most of my dates didn’t end well. That’s mainly because I feel repulsed when someone touches my skin. When someone puts their hands on me, I feel anxious and disgusted.

It took me some time to realize that my fear is actually a real condition — haphephobia. A therapist suggested that I might have a mild form of it and that it has developed over time. Still, it’s not like I’m a virgin or I’ve suffered abuse in the past. I simply don’t find pleasure in someone touching me. Also, I don’t hate men, but sometimes I avoid them because I feel that I don’t want to bother them with my burdens.

What’s more, I don’t mind touching guys and satisfying them in bed through oral sex or similar, but when it comes to my bare skin, it’s mostly off-limits. I won’t start screaming when someone puts their hands on me in bed, but I’ll feel nervous and extremely uncomfortable.

A Lot of Failed Relationships

Obviously, I can’t blame a guy who ends up dumping me because I don’t want to have sex and be intimate with him. It’s something that I’ve accepted, and I’ve rarely found a partner who wanted to help me with my condition. Most of the time, I took a passive role during sex, and it all felt like I was forcing myself to do something that I didn’t want to do.

Overall, I’ve had five relationships that ended with guys breaking up with me. My second boyfriend Brian was the most understanding. Even though I made a deeper connection with him, something still didn’t feel right. My other boyfriends didn’t understand my condition. They probably thought that I was raped in the past or that I was afraid of sexually transmitted diseases.

Fortunately, I learned that I’m not alone through research. Many women and men have a similar condition, and it seriously impacts their sexual health. While reading their relationship stories, I started to think about solving my problem. I realized that I don’t actually hate sex. I just needed to find a way to make it feel good without freaking out whenever someone touched me.

I Was Introduced to Latex

In the past few months, I started to deal with my insecurities by researching kinks and fetishes. I started to fantasize about being in BDSM dungeons.

To be honest, I looked up loads of dirty fetishes. I realized that I prefer the dynamics of sub and dom relationships in BDSM. Also, I tried chatting to dominant guys online, and this was one way to get off. Shortly after, my friend Katie suggested that I should try latex during sex. I’ll never forget that day because it turned my sex life around! Katie told me that she sometimes wears latex panties and stockings during sex. She didn’t like it at first. But when she got used to it and when she found the panties and stockings with a perfect fit, the latex became her “second skin.” 

Katie told me that her latex panties and stockings made foreplay feel amazing because they intensified stimulation and touch. They also made her feel really kinky and even a bit slutty. Then, I found a whole community of people who practice the “rubber lifestyle” online. I learned that latex is physically restricting. You can use it with oil-based lubricants to apply pressure to your skin and make foreplay and sex feel much better. Also, it boosts physical sensitivity. It makes your body respond much differently to stimulation and temperature. What’s more, it can eliminate anxiety and make you forget about your sexual limitations.

Latex Became a Part of My Daily Life

One of my favorite aspects of latex is the physical concealment of identity through latex masks and hoods. It’s incredibly sexy when paired with bondage fetishes and various BDSM scenes. Also, I started to appreciate the look of full-body bondage suits. They exaggerate the female form and can look unbelievably hot. I loved the fact that latex puts a barrier between my skin and the person touching it!

At first, I looked into latex fashion and wore some leggings during the day to see how they felt. They made me feel really sexy, and I noticed that they attracted a lot of attention from guys. After a while, I moved on to latex panties. I incorporated them into my daily routine and loved the fact that they were hidden in plain sight. No one was able to know that I became a hidden kinkster overnight!

When I felt completely safe, I decided to hook up with my friend, and his touch felt amazing through my second latex skin. I’ll never forget that feeling! In time, I managed to fully incorporate latex into my sexual habits, and I got more and more used to men touching me. I tried everything from conventional sex to bondage and everything in between. With latex, I overcame my fears and explored a whole world of kink and pleasure.


The Bottom Line

Hopefully, my story will inspire people with similar conditions to try latex. Moreover, if you’re not dealing with the same problem but want something different in your sex life, I guarantee that you’ll have the best sex of your life if you try latex.

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