You Won’t Believe How Much She Will Enjoy These Condoms

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Do you always struggle with condoms? Do they make you and your partner miserable during sex? If so, there’s a big chance that it’s not actually about you — it’s the condom’s fault! Check out our article to learn about the best condom products for you. You won’t believe how much she will enjoy these condoms!

The Importance of Using Condoms

You’ll always hear that condoms are a requirement for vaginal, anal, and oral sex. Obviously, most people know their benefits. They are an effective method of birth control. Also, they provide protection against STDs and sexually transmitted infections.

Unfortunately, most guys don’t think about the actual type of condom. This can complicate a lot of things during sex! If you’re not careful, you could end up with one that’s too loose or too tight. This will make your pride and joy feel like an awkwardly wrapped sausage! Both you and your partner could struggle to enjoy sex. Moreover, you might waste precious time while trying to put them on. This could ruin the moment in the bedroom! Wearing a condom that doesn’t fit could irritate people who are allergic. Also, it might not be effective for safe sex and preventing pregnancy.

Even if you have a strong always-on policy, you could fail to get the best performance if they feel weird. Thus, it’s a good idea to pick the ones that suit you best. Great condoms will also maximize her sensations without giving you an awkward and unpleasant fit!

Choosing the Right Condom

It’s vital to learn how to choose a condom that fits you comfortably before considering pleasure. Most manufacturers make their condoms based on width and size measurements.

One rule is to see if there’s any roll at the bottom of your penis. If there’s too much of it, you need a shorter condom. Conversely, if the roll runs out before it gets to the base (e.g., in the middle of your penis), you should use a longer condom.

Still, it’s not so simple since girth is also involved. Depending on your size, your girth measurement may be more important. For most men, snug fits have a width of fewer than two inches (around 1.9 inches), while bigger widths extend past two inches.

When you find your size, you can experiment with various recommended brands to find the best-fitting condom. Then, you can look into added features that will surely please your girlfriend, like flavored, dotted, etc. Below are some of our favorite condoms that will blow her mind and make you harder than ever before!


1. Trojan Condom Her Pleasure Sensations Lubricated

These incredible latex condoms are created from a female perspective. They are designed to maximize women’s pleasure and increase the quality of their orgasms. However, they also boost comfort for men due to their high-quality materials and unique shape.

Trojan’s Her Pleasure condoms have a specially ribbed and contoured design. Additionally, they contain Trojan’s premium spermicidal lubricant for superior gliding sensations and an extra dose of contraception. All of that allows them to replicate the feeling of real skin. So definitely consider these condoms if you want to give your girlfriend strong G-spot orgasms along with a world of naughty pleasure!

2. P.S. Condoms

Much like Trojan, the P.S. brand aims to enhance pleasure while increasing your safety. P.S. Condoms are made from natural rubber latex that doesn’t contain any casein animal proteins. This makes them odorless and gives them a natural feel.

Interestingly, this condom brand creates products that are around 40% thinner than most other condom variants. If you’re a fan of ultra-thin condoms, P.S. condoms are 15% thinner than some of the most popular ultra-thin variants. On top of that, they contain a medical-grade silicone-based lubricant that will eliminate friction and make sex feel amazing for her!

3. K-Y Me & You Intense Ultra Thin Latex Condoms

Another leading ultra-thin condom product is K-Y Me & You Intense. This condom provides a healthy dose of silicone lubricant. It includes a natural fit that boosts comfort. K-Y are leaders in lubrication, and this condom definitely proves it because it aims to intensify pleasure with unique tingling sensations! This lubricant ensures that the condom will stay slick for a long time, which is essential for long lovemaking marathons.

What’s more, K-Y Me & You Intense condoms also come in sexy purple packaging!

4. Lifestyles Ultra Studded Condoms

If you and your partner love textured condoms for stronger internal stimulation, look no further than Lifestyles Ultra Studded condoms! These condoms offer a unique texture featuring raised studs. The studs are specially designed to intensify vaginal stimulation for G-spot and multiple orgasms. Moreover, these condoms also have a different feel compared to standard ribbed condoms. To top it all off, they have a minty scent and flavor!


5. GLYDE Premium Organic Flavored Condoms

Finally, if your girlfriend has a sweet tooth and prefers flavored condoms, GLYDE Premium Organic Flavored variants are the best way to treat her to a tasty dick dessert! These condoms have a straight shaft and are available in five different scents. That includes vanilla, blueberry, strawberry, and more. Since they are made from organic and natural extracts and contain no chemical concoctions, they taste and smell fantastic! This product is also casein-free, which makes it vegan. It also has an ultra-thin fit and a standard size that will suit most guys.


That’s it! All you need to do now is to get a few different condoms from the ones we’ve mentioned and see which ones feel the best. Have fun!

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