BDSM Vacuum Beds For Beginners – Baby Steps Into Getting Sucked

Vacuum beds can be a lot of fun for people looking to spice up their relationships. That especially applies to BDSM couples. These beds are designed for dominant/submissive relationships, but anyone can use them. The only thing that is important to remember is that these elements of sadomasochism are not for solo play. 

Vacuum Bed Description

For everyone looking to add something new and exciting to their sex lives, vacuum beds might be a perfect choice. But what exactly is a vacuum bed? If you watched Empire Strikes Back, you probably remember the scene where Han Solo lies frozen in carbonite. Well, this device is similar. Vacuum bed is a piece of furniture, and it is usually the size of a person. It consists of a frame, and it is covered with thick latex. 

Usually, one person can fit in these beds, but it is possible to find ones with